Sketch Layout: & with a Pink Gun too (Citrus Twist Kits)

I used Citrus Twist Kit’s sketch for 1/19/14 as inspiration for this layout.

CTK Sketch 1:19:14


I didn’t have 6 photos for the event, so I just used the 3 I had in a vertical line instead.  The supplies I used mostly came from CTK’s December Main Kit with the exception of the letter stickers and ink splatters.  It was the last layout I made using that kit before un-kitting (is that a word?) and putting everything with my stash.

& with a Pink Gun too


The photos are from my fiancé and I’s first time going to a shooting range.  They gave us a brand new 22mm hand gun to shoot with.  It was a bit scary to hold a real gun in my hands for the first time, but the fact that it was a pink gun made it less intimidating  🙂  It’s said that women have better aim than men, and I guess the saying’s true since I was more accurate than both my fiancé and his male friend.  I kept the paper targets as proof in case they claim otherwise!  We had a wonderful instructor that made the entire experience safe and relatively easy.