Sketch Layout: Palatine Hill (Citrus Twist Kits)

I did another layout this week using the February 2nd sketch from Citrus Twist Kits.  It was the first time I used my January main kit and the “Epic Fun” embellishment add-on.  I got the embellishment add-on for free because I used credit I had from entering other sketch challenges 🙂  You can find the sketch here if you’re interested in entering too!  

Palatine HillEverything I used for this layout is from the January kits except the Thickers which are from a previous month’s kit.  I love the hand-made butterfly banner that was included (swoon!).  It’s definitely my favorite item this month.  I honestly didn’t think I would be able to use the cloud motifs anytime soon, but thought they might go well with the theme of this layout.  Butterflies, Roman architecture, and clouds….why not?

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