Layout Share: Place du Tertre

Here’s another layout featuring the Montmartre district of Paris.  The Place du Tertre is a little square atop a hill where artists of all kinds gather to sell their art.  The fiancé and I had quite the time choosing the artist to draw our portraits.  The artists are not shy about calling after us as we walk by, and there are so many to choose from!  In the end, I let the fiancé make the decision.  Unfortunately, neither of us liked the resultant portrait.  We look like Italian children in the drawing…no joke.  It was so bad other surrounding artists actually pointed and laughed at our portrait as it was being drawn!  Definitely not an 80 euros well spent…oh well.  I’m not sure what we’ll do with the drawing.  It’s been rolled up in the corner of our office ever since we brought it home.  Next time, though, I will be choosing the artist to draw our portrait and not the fiancé.

Place du TertreI used several paper scraps to back the photo.  I felt the patterns on the scraps were competing with the bold background, so I painted a white border around each scrap to tone them down.  The mish mash of different embellishments along the vertical was fun to place.  The journaling was written on some of those embellishments as well.