Sketch Layout: Palatine Hill (Citrus Twist Kits)

I did another layout this week using the February 2nd sketch from Citrus Twist Kits.  It was the first time I used my January main kit and the “Epic Fun” embellishment add-on.  I got the embellishment add-on for free because I used credit I had from entering other sketch challenges 🙂  You can find the sketch here if you’re interested in entering too!  

Palatine HillEverything I used for this layout is from the January kits except the Thickers which are from a previous month’s kit.  I love the hand-made butterfly banner that was included (swoon!).  It’s definitely my favorite item this month.  I honestly didn’t think I would be able to use the cloud motifs anytime soon, but thought they might go well with the theme of this layout.  Butterflies, Roman architecture, and clouds….why not?

Divided Pages: Atlanta/Roma After Dark

I’m sharing two layouts today using pocketed page protectors.  The last destination during our trip to Europe was Rome.  I love the history and architecture that engulfs the city.  The city streets seem to come alive at night, which I tried to capture in this layout.

Roma After Dark

The layout behind the one above is about Atlanta.  We were supposed to have a short connection in Atlanta before flying home to Dallas that same night.  Unfortunately, the flight to Dallas was cancelled due to weather AND all the flights the next day were already booked solid.  The only options we had at that point were A) find indirect routes (i.e. 2-3 connections) into Dallas the next day, B) wait for the next direct flight, C) fly into another city and drive our way into Dallas, or D) try other airline companies.  None of the options were too tempting, but I decided to just wait it out in Atlanta and have somewhat of an extended vacation.  Gotta make lemonade with those lemons right? 🙂


It was both D and I’s first time in Atlanta.  It’s such a lovely city.  There’s so much culture everywhere you turn.  We were there for a full day on Saturday and wanted lunch at the Farmer’s Market food carts in Piedmont Park.  Driving was somewhat of a hassle to the park since it was the day of the Christmas parade, but we made it.  Once we got there, though, we couldn’t find the Farmer’s Market  and it was too cold for me to walk around searching.  So we left and went to see the Cyclorama.  D is a huge fan of war history and memorabilia.  The museum is definitely tiny, but the cyclorama painting was beautiful.  We learned all about the Battle of Atlanta during the Civil War.  At night, we went back to Piedmont Park to see the Holiday Lights display at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  Gorgeous!  I loved the feeling of Christmas festivity.

I think this is the most journaling I’ve ever done on any scrapbook page!  I tried to fit everything about Atlanta onto one page, so I had a LOT to say 🙂  I realize the two layouts don’t match at all.  The first one is very photo heavy and has more of a graphic design.  The second page has softer colors and tons of writing.  I’m okay with the fact that they don’t match.  I enjoy playing with different styles and techniques.  To me, it adds interest to an album.  It also helps me stay interested in this craft.

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